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Teaching Fine Art and Creativity from beginners to professionals for over 10 years.

Private Lessons

Painting lessons in oil or watercolor. Instruction can be done in your personal home/studio. 


*supplies not provided

Private Critique

Constructive critique of any 2D medium in your personal home/studio. Choose from problem solving individual pieces or building a collective and professional body of work. 


Group Workshops

Share your lessons with a friend or group in your home/studio. Instruction can be for the group or based on individual interests. 

$60/hr per person*

*supplies not provided

Plein Air Groups

Experience plein air landscape painting with a group of friends. Learn to paint landscapes from life as the masters did. Minimum of 3 participants required.

$75/hr per person*

*supplies not provided

All Private Lessons are full.

Join my drawing and oil painting classes at Holt School of Fine Art. 

"My teaching techniques have been influenced through my studies with and mentorship by Andy Braitman, Dr. Halide Salam, and Master Z. L. Feng. During my time in Charlotte I have worked with many artists as the Lead Instructor at Braitman studio and have led seminars in institutions across the United States including Buffalo University and Radford University."

"I was a novice, an adult beginner wanting to learn to paint, and I was too much the novice to know I had stumbled into an open art class where folks who know the skills required come to get coaching on a work in progress.  But Nicholas Stewart took me on, starting with the most basic instructions and patiently encouraged me week after week, introducing me one step at a time to skills I needed to express myself using paint.  In an open classroom setting, I was getting private lessons and didn't realize it.  It's been six and a half years since I started those weekly training sessions.  His patience and encouragement are wrapped around a positive enthusiasm that all comes together as an exciting energy.  He helps you see that you can paint, and then shows you ways to do it!  Nicholas likes to teach.  And he's good at teaching, explaining and coaching, using positive reinforcement as the driving force in his teaching.  His knowledge of art history is expansive and he loves to weave the study of painters into his classes on painting.  I've watched Nicholas in action a long time, and have concluded that the mastery skill level of someone so young is a sign of extraordinary talent. Nicholas is something special and I feel fortunate that he's been my teacher."  -Steve Rickman

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