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Artist Statement

My work seeks to create a world created by my vision with a specific nod to those who have come before me. I am driven by the trick of the eye and aim to break the barriers both physical and imaginary as pattern and rhythm take the lead. Hidden in the layers of paint is imagery and color that note the ideas, process, and metaphorical meaning envisioned by artists such as Gorky, Rothko, Stella, and de Kooning. Visual forms in my work such as a pomegranate, the number four, or a Lotus unfolding represent an idea with deeper meaning.


The visual inspiration for my work comes from the colors and pattern of ancient art, cathedrals, and stained glass windows. I play with structural elements drawn from these with organic subjects such as flowers and the human form. My paintings are colorful mixed media pieces, developed by structured impasto brush marks, emulsion pouring, glazes, and drawn lines. My objects serves as the structure and support of the painting as the application and paint become the main focus. The playfulness between the two dimensional and three dimensional surfaces alters our perception, creating an illusion that makes the viewer question what is coming forward and what is flat.


My intention is for the viewer to be excited visually by my work at first but allowed to make discoveries about the work when taking a closer look. I aim to hide deeper meaning in each piece, giving the viewer time to find new elements and ideas throughout the work over time. 

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